Protecting the Integrity of Bldg Foundations & Cut Slopes

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Proper drainage of storm water and ground water is necessary to protect the integrity of your buildings and your cut slopes.

To appreciate the value of proper drainage it helps to understand the quantity of water draining from an average domestic home in the area of Port Orford. For perspective it also helps to compare that quantity of water to the average daily usage per household. The average yearly rainfall for Port Orford is 79 inches.

So to determine the quantity of water draining from an average home calculates the following:

  1. Average annual rainfall is 79 inches                    =          6.6 ft
  2. Average area in square feet                               =          1700 sf.
  3. Cubic ft of water to drains 6.6*1700                    =          11,220 cu. Ft.
  4. The number of gallons of water in a cu. ft is
    7.48 gallons. To calculate the number of Gallons
    of water going into the drain multiply
    7.48*11,220                                                     =      83,926 gallons total
  5. Average daily water usage per household             =          250 - 300/day
  6. Average yearly water usage per household           =      91,250 - 109,500 gallons/year

We drain household waste water into public sewers or into private septic systems but storm water runoff which can be as much as in volume or more and it is all to often improperly addressed. The daily volume going into drainage during our 9 month wet season is approximately 83,926 gal divided by 270 day.

83,926 gal. divided by 270                                  =          311 gallon avg. per day in drainage

This amount of water can cause serious integrity issues in your foundation and/or your cut slopes. Ask your realtor for the names of geotechnical engineers or soils engineers that can help you plan for proper siting and proper handling of your storm water drainage that will protect your investment without creating problems for your neighbors.

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