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Announcing the DomainDrivers Social Network Manager tool!

The Social Network Manager makes all of your social networking tasks much easier.

  • Quick access to dozens of *categorized* Social Networking sites, including real estate sites. Currently the list is 74 sites, and growing.
  • Easily track and access your account names, home pages, and content pages.
  • Easily create lists of social networking sites:

     - Active Lists of sites where you have active accounts.
     - Favorites Lists of sites that you want to visit often or monitor.
     - Personal site lists - Add your own list of local interest or special-interest sites.
     - Never Visit lists to keep unwanted sites "out of sight".
  • Easily build "Find Me Here" HTML lists of your active home pages. This makes is very easy to place these links on your own Websites, so your site visitors can find you easily on your favorite social networking sites.
  • Easily build Link Indexing lists of your social network content pages that you want to get indexed in search engines. Quickly place these HTML-formatted links on your own sites, to assure that they get spidered by search robots.
  • Create reusable Content Blocks for easy "cut and paste" of repetitive content, such as property listings, press releases, etc.
  • More features coming soon, including:
     - Blog directories
     - Real estate directories
     - General Web directories

Get started today, with a FREE Full FUnction trial!

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