State Farm leaving Florida...Oh My!!!

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I was attending a Governors Task Force meeting last Friday when Larry leaned over and said hey you heard the news. State Farm is going to announce on Monday that they will be leaving Florida in part because they cannot raise their insurance fees. I was thinking to my self that I hope they take about half the other thieves with em.

But instead at lunch, it was the buzz around the table. So I said haven't, if anything from this last election cycle, have we not learned the scare tactics in politics and corporate america. Does anyone think that the second largest seller of auto insurance in the state is just going to give that up,

Someone even said that they would still sell auto and life and I said not in the state of Florida. The governor and legislature is not going to set by and allow that to happen, it would political suicide. They would make them take it all and leave.

Here's the real deal, on Monday State Farm will make the big announcement within a week everyone in Florida will be upset and start calling their State Representative and other political people they could think of and within six months before the drop dead date the legislature will cave and let them raise their fees somewhat, hopefully not as much as they want. All in the name of Floridians calling their State Representatives and complaining that they will not have insurance.

Here is how to stop the madness. Call your State Representative and let them know that you want State Farm to leave and good riddance to them. If you have a State Farm Policy, Please Please Please, shop and find someone else and call your State Farm repesentive to cancel and let them know scare tactics are for bullies on the play ground and you are not taking it know more.

Next thing you know State Farm will renounce their leaving and Floridians will have started putting the backbone back in America. Folks the #2 seller of insurance is not leaving the state, it is a ploy to just raise our homeowners insurance.


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Feb 01, 2009 08:34 AM
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