Change is Good, You Better Go First

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Real Estate in 2009.  Slower.  Different.  Reality.  Here to stay.  At least for a while.  How do you need to change to find the potential in today's market? 

I heard recently of an agent who is starting to charge a fee to buyer's.  "We don't do that,"  do we?  Why not?  Because....we, as realtor's have trained buyers that they don't have to pay for the professional representation they enjoy from buyer's agency.  Is this a change that will be industry wide?

Another agent will only take an over-priced listing for 90-days and then, if and only if, it is in a location that will be to his advantage in attracting buyers. 

Another agent just refuses to take a listing that is over priced for the market.  Nope.  Won't do it.  Isn't worth it.  Do we do that??? 

And, guess what?  A successful realtor and trainer just suggested that the best way to do better this year in real estate starts with the simple commitment to start work one hour earlier.  Get up, get going, get working earlier.  Do we do that?  Start earlier?  Oh, my.  Big change for some.

There are good, smaller changes that successful agents are making, too.  Evaluating advertising.  Scrutinizing expenditures.  Controling costs.  Organizing a database.  Phoning past clients.  Improving websites.  Attending training.  Reading business books.  Masterminding ideas.  Expanding their territories.

Someone gave me a bookmark once that said, "Change is good.  You go first."  The future of Real Estate is going to belong to the innovative professionals who anticipate and adjust.  They are the ones who are showing up early, reading and phoning, planning and trying new tactics.  They are changing the way real estate has been done. 

Find a way you can change.  The current market is the only one you've got.  Better figure out how to change to fit with it. 

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