Fresh Outlook for 2009

Real Estate Broker/Owner with Counselor Realty of Bemidji

I recently attended a class put on by the Bemidji Chamber of commerce on keeping above others in this slow and challenging market.  The class was called "Survive or Thrive".  It was a "Dale Carnegie Trainer" class put on by Rick Cole. The class was "How to position your business for success".  This was marketed to Realtors and other business owners in the Bemidji area. 

The class was pretty interesting.  It basically boiled down to how you look and the current situation, react to how things are going and actually get out and tackle your own daily activities.  We certainly have sellers in the area that want to sell their home and we also have buyers who want to buy.  Our job is to find these people, help them find the right home and bring it to closing.  I know it is tougher to do it but it is still happening every day.  Now is the time to find our strong suites and get back to the basics.  Talk to people, walk them through their fears and bring it to closing. 

I see and hear a lot of people getting out of the real estate business because of the way the market is.  I believe most get out because they do not know how to react to the market conditions.  I believe that most think that this should be a very easy job and when it is not, it is time to get out.  Some that are still chugging along are cutting way back on advertising and other means of getting the information out to people.  My opinion on that is if you cut back with certain forms of advertising, publications or how ever you try to market buyers and sellers when the market is down.  You most likely didn't need that form of advertising in the first place.  If you are not finding buyers and sellers with your forms of media when things are slow, you may not have been getting your buyers and sellers from these forms when the market was good. You may have only thought you were getting clients from these. 

Now is the time to sit down and revisit your budgets, marketing and especially how you spend your time in 2009.

Doug Hoover e-pro


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