Where are people putting their money today?

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For the past 3 decades,  Myrtle Beach Hotels,  in Myrtle Beach, SC were concerned with one group of people and everything they did...  Baby Boomers!!!

As a Real Estate sales person,  if your focus today is exclusively bent on Baby Boomers,  then you might want to look into selling health supplements,  medical/pharmacy sales, juices, and exercise for life products,  because the next few years will see them largely spending here.

We all witnessed the chase towards the highest return on investments over the past 20 years.  Firs it was technology stocks.  Everyone invested here and many got burned.  Then it was the stock market as a whole.  Once it topped and no apparent great leaps were availalbe, in the late 90's and the 00's we watched the Real Estate boom,  fostered by government credit out of control.

Most of these investors were looking for quick and high returns.  Personally,  I think looking for quick and high returns is much like looking for white tigers.  While they do exist,  they are very rare.  Be careless around them and they will turn around and shred you to bits.  Just ask Sigfried and Roy about that.

Today,  much of the universe is investing again in technology, especially all aspects of Social Networking for generation X and generation Y.  To be totally transparent,  Myrtle-Beach.com,  has purchased a $700,000 social platform for the purpose of connecting Tourists, locals and businesses in all things Myrtle Beach. 

If you love selling real estate,  however, and you are making it a career craft,  then you also need to be patient and develop lifelong relationships with Gen X and Gen Y.  Gen X has now nested and Gen Y is just starting to nest.  These mid twenties to early forty somethings see the world very differently from baby boomers.  I take full credit for naming this generation Generation Internet or the Internet Generation.  Mr. Obama leveraged their way of thinking right into the White House.

So,  I would suggest you repattern your thinking to their do's and don'ts.

They don't:

  • Trust network news
  • Trust what a business says about itself in an advertisement
  • Read the newspaper
  • Follow social conventions  (Everything is personal for them from their music, entertainment, etc)
  • Like Television
  • Prepare from scratch meals -  (nor do they know how)

They DO

  • Love Technology  (especially Ipods, Iphones, video games)
  • Think green  (they blame boomers for destroying the planet they will inherent)
  • Love organic food  (but they often can't afford it)
  • Have a sense of entitlement  (these times may change that)
  • Trust reviews and friends opinions over advertisers or the news
  • LOVE SOCIAL NETWORKING  (that is where they find out about you - not from you,  but others)
  • Love the idea of community,  but don't know how to do it in a non electronic way.
  • Crave honest, open, and transparent relationships

Want to build a dynamic future for yourself?   Learn how and where to sell to these guys.  These are today's investors and buyers.  Let's track and follow them.


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