Buying A DE Home Requires Some Important Information From Your Real Estate Agent

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Tom Davis has a few questions he asks his home buyers when buying a home in Delaware.

To become familiar with the questions you will be asked... here is a questionaire that you may print out and fill in.  When your ready to buy a home , you will have everything you need to get started!

Take A Look at this form to become familiar with some of the information we will need.

Buyer Information Sheet



Prospects Name: _____________________________________ Spouse:__________________________________


Address: ______________________________ City: ____________________ State: _______ Zip: ___________


Home Phone: _______________________ Work: ______________________  Email: _______________________


              Own: _____ Rent: _____  Lease Expires: ______________  Rent Amount: _______________________


If own, is house on the market?  YES  NO                            If yes, are they buying with agent?  YES  NO


If own, do they have to sell first? YES  NO                          How long looking for home?_____________


If own, is Listing Sheet filled out?   YES  NO          If NO, why: ________________________________________


Criteria                                                                      Working with another Agent:   YES       NO  

Motivation Level: 1 2 3 4 5 (1 low 5 high)            Best time to look:  Day   Evening   Weekday   Weekend


Price Range: ___________________ to ___________________     Time Frame: ___________________________


Desired Areas: _______________________________________________________________________________


# Bedrooms:_____   # Bathrooms:______   Garage: ____________   Style of Home:  _______________________


Any special needs? ____________________________________________________________________________


Initial Consultation Date:____________________ Time:_______________ Follow-up on:_________________






Follow Up Date                        Status                                               Follow Up Date                          Status

   And Time                                                                                                               And Time

_____________    ______________________________________     ___________         _____________________________________


_____________    ______________________________________     ___________        _____________________________________


_____________    ______________________________________     ___________         _____________________________________


_____________    ______________________________________     ___________       ______________________________________



Mortgage Information

Mortgage Company: ______________________________________ LO:_________________________________

Phone:____________________________________  Approved Amount:__________________________________

Amount of Down Payment? ___________________  Source of Down payment: ___________________________


So this is about it and if you would like to get started looking at homes then please visit my website: to find any home at any price!

Thanks and have a great day!  Call (302) 398-3757 and ask for Tom Davis to help you today!

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