"Soap Box Derby Racers..." (squelch, echo, squeal) "Dig Out Those Down Hill Racing Cars."

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Some soap box derby families race for points all year long.  Others that are not belt belt racers but want the "thrill of the hill" for their youngsters help their kids plan for the big annual local race. 

If you are a child or have an son or daughter 8 years old and up, and want them to learn about building a car together, and fun, spirited down hill racing, visit the All American Soap Box Derby website. The 72nd race in Akron Ohio, the world series of derby racing is July 25th and most locals are at least a month or earlier than that magic date.  Rounding up sponsors for a new car, getting it branded with graphics and built with the help of a parent or family friend starts now. Or you may find a local car where the driver out grew it and moved up to another class...like from stock to super stock or to masters, and in the months ahead, you will want to modify that car to fit your frame and to enhance it's performance with reading up on tweaking techniques.  Watch the video below...nearly 3000 folks have to learn about down hill gravity soap box derby kit car racing! The Houlton Maine race site was the largest in the country for five years straight. We even built our own "Derby Hill" so setting up the course for the annual race and spring/fall rallies is easy.  The rallies attract racers from all over the country and help put your town on the map in addition to maine real estate for sale,maine broker mooers realtyrevenues from motels, diners and gas sales.

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