Real Estate Market Update for the Twin Cities

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Twin Cities Real Estate Market Update
A market update for 100 Twin Cities Communities

May 4th, 2007

By Pete Shrader, Mortgage Banker, Realtor

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Twin Cities, Minnesota

You're probably hearing plenty about the health of the real estate market lately. Radio, TV, Newspapers, and the Internet bombard you weekly (sometimes daily) with messages like "The market is down", "The bubble has burst", and "Housing starts are up", "The market has stabilized". Some reports even seem to contradict themselves. What should you believe?

Well nothing speaks louder than actual hard numbers. The Minneapolis REALTOR's association has compiled a market update for 100 communities in the Twin Cities.

As you might guess the numbers will vary by community. So it makes sense to focus on individual communities instead of Metrowide, Statewide, or Nationwide averages.

In this FREE online report you will see all the data organized by community.

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Pete Shrader is a Mortgage Banker, a Realtor, a Real Estate Investor and the author of the Smart Seller Guide. This article is not meant to offer legal advice and is not an offer to lend or to lock a rate. Always consult the appropriate professional for tax or legal advice. © Pete Shrader 2007

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