Snuggie Blanket Parody

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Have you seen those commercials for a blanket called the Snuggie?  RIDICULOUS.  I actually know a couple people that own one.  One of them being Angela's 25 year old friend Jill P.  Here she is in her Snuggie knock-off a "Slanket."



This is a great parody and expresses all of the feelings that we have felt while watching this commercial.  Enjoy...

Here is our attempt to have Jill dance to "Single Ladies" in her Slanket.  Unfortuantely it is a bit dark, short and without sound.  Maybe we will shoot a better one in the future.


This was found on The Consumerist.

I recently found the blog The Consumerist.  I found this blog becauseFreakonomics made reference to it.  I do like this blog but they post a little bit too often.

I always want to give credit to where I found what I am sharing with you.

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