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Military Market Specialist

Real Estate Agent with Team One - The Franklin Group

My complete team just underwent training to get the Military Markets Specialist designation.  It was a great class and the members of my team learned a lot about the military way of life and culture.  They learned how military members are to be addressed in all types of communications and what the various ranks are and where to go on the Internet to get information about a members pay, housing allowance, cost of living allowance and a lot more.  They also learned about the effect moving so many times has on a military family, and sometime it's the hardest on the children.  To assist the military members coming and leaving Hill AFB, UT we put a website up at www.pcstohill.com.  This site gives the military member all the information they could ever want or need to make their move to Hill as smooth as possible.  If you are PCSing to or from Hill AFB, Utah then you need to visit this site.