Looking for Hard Money Lenders or Private Investors? It's Time to Move to the Head of the Line!

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Looking for Hard Money Lenders or Private Investors? Move to the Head of the Line with Private Financial Club's "BE THE BANK" Program!

Posted in Inmans' Foreclosure Real Estate Investor By Yvonne Jones, Monday, February 2, 2009.

Banks are making it more difficult to borrow money if you are an investor. Tighter guidelines are everywhere, so where do you go?

Answer: Hard Money!

"Private Financial Club Integrates Hard Money Programs to Combat the Foreclosure Epidemic Nationwide"

Private Financial Club's "BE THE BANK" Message is Exploding; and More People are Becoming Club Members in Order to become a "Hard Money Financier" Generating 21% Returns on their Investment Dollars.

Private Financial Club, Inc. is expanding and taking their "BE THE BANK" message nationwide to combat the foreclosure epidemic. The Club Members "Private Financiers" provide Hard Money financing for Property Investors' short-term and long-term notes. In return, the "Financiers" receive huge profits of up to 21% on their investment dollars; thereby, completing the circle.

Private Financial Club's national "BE THE BANK" Kick-off event in Florida, March 27th will include: Dinner, Cash Bar and Line-up of Special Guest Speakers as they launch their "Full Circle" programs and demonstrate how to make a connection within the Club.

This is a unique opportunity to connect with Buyers, Sellers, Financiers, and Investors who are looking for Hard Money along with innovative methods to invest during this financial crisis and volatility. "Private Financial Club" specializes in Private Hard Money Mortgages and Commercial Lending.

This unique Boot-Camp will bring together like minded individuals looking for creative financing that has been disappearing in the general market place due to the lose of liquidity within the primary lending institutes. This environment has created a void; and the Private Financial Club's top leaders have developed key solutions that are focused on their Hard Money-Be the Bank philosophy and unique "exit" strategies in order to advance the Property Investors and Private Financiers' success across the board.

Investors and Financiers will learn new methods in tackling the challenges that they encounter due to the downturn in the lending arena which has now touched the Hard Money industry.

"This is a great opportunity to connect and the perfect environment to meet like minded individuals looking for each other" stated Yvonne Jones, President and CEO of Private Financial Club, Inc. She further announced: "Property Investors are looking for Private Hard Money Financiers; and our Club Members, the "Financiers," are receiving up to 21% on their investment dollars by providing short-term notes and 10% - 13% interest on long-term notes. These huge rates of return typically beat the traditional, unstable and unpredictable ways of investing including stocks, bonds, CD's and 401k's."


Private Financial Club, Inc.

YOU can be either at the "HEAD OF THE LINE" passing out the money, or at the back of the line begging for money - it's your choice!

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