Saying The Same Thing Except In The Local ME - Canadian Way Of Expressing It!

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Expressions to say what you mean...varies depending on where you are on the planet, in Maine, New Brunswick Canada. 

Due to Houlton Maine being on the Canadian border with Atlantic Canada, there is a whole special way of putting it or saying it.

Visit a neat site that spells it out from A-Z. Many of these expressions or local lingo in New Brunswick splill over the border into Maine due to cross country marriages, socializing, watching Canadian television and cable channels and because of cross border activities like hockey, etc.

Any Active Rainers  have collection of how to say it in your area of the country? Share it here for all to see and enjoy!

Communication and misunderstandings sometimes stem from the subtle and not so subtle way of getting your point across.  This is a primer for Northeastern Maine and the province of New Brunswick

When you get to Prince Edward Island Canada there is a whole new way of saying it. 

You and I might say "Want a soda?"  But in Woodstock New Brunswick the question is "Like a tin of pop?" Maine, simple living here. Neat ME places to explore too.

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