What's happened to "thee economy" since my last Blog Oct 5, 2008

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I know that is a horribly long time since my last blog.  My father passed away and my PC crashed-- took me 2 months to fully rebuild it because the company I hired had created a back up system that didn't work-- boo.

What I spoke of in early October 2008 was of the igniting effect of the changes in our various sectors and aspects of our economy.  primarily the housing crisis - spread to effect lenders balance sheets which lead to the collapse of the precariously poised financial industry and now the job situaion is fueled into a fury of negative feedback loops.  Financial layoffs are creating a  real estate value free fall in Manhattan.  Weak global demand for products leads to layoffs in multinationals, which can singlehandedly destroy some communities.  Others struggle from the dent they make in the productivity everywhere from the dental office to the Quickie lube and oil place.  The auto salespersons-- hang around on their lots hoping something will change soon, and in no time the same thing is happening in retail, many other small busines, and yes, even grocery stores to some degree. 

We are collectively like the turtle that has pulled it's head in and is determined to lay low.  Each of us has wonderings, some expressed, some not, and likely none of us will be able to go against human nature and take any big financial steps to change our own personal behavior until we see some calm and are truly enticed out of our shell. 

During this time, I think it is important to remember, we are only as sick as our secrets.  Find someone you can talk to, even a stranger that you feel you can be anonymous with if you must.  And the positive thought I want to leave you with today is this:  You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink.  But if you tie him up long enough, he'll get thirsty and drink on his own.  What I'm hoping you will take away is that truly eventually, as human beings we will come out of our shell of fears and begin a new world order of commerce.  And no matter how difficult the change may seem--- there will ALWAYS be some new positives that come with it. 

This is a historic time we live in; a great time for growth and deepening your values, relationships.  Enjoy it as one thing is for certain-- like a child who grows up, it will be gone and then you will miss some things it brought with it.

And will somebody please tell me how to get more folks to read my blog!


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