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What is the single most common frustration for entrepreneurs? The lack of money to fund our financial endeavors, or the purchase of products, or our ability to dream bigger than we already are is the most common wealth hindrance for most of us that are trying to grow our business. In this article you will find the key to your problem if you will only identify and practice the solutions that are presented to your mind.


As a communicator of truth I learned years ago the secret to success was to place myself in the middle of the action or conversations that were happening around me. Little did I know that this would one day be the key to receiving the financial help that I would need to catapult our way to reaching the financial goals that were important to our family. In fact the number one reason that I am financially free today is outlined in the paragraphs below.


If somebody were to invite you to a Super Bowl party you would not bring you guitar to the home of your host and try to lead the group of Sports enthusiasts in a round of Row Row Row Your Boat. Some of you would even say I would not want to go to the party. Others would say "I hate sports or I hate football!" Whether you like sports or not if you accepted the invitation it would be in your best interest to learn who was playing, who your host was rooting for, and who are the other guests rooting for that had accepted invitations to the party. Let's place the shoe on the other foot. If you loved sports but were invited to a concert of classical music it would be in your best interest to understand the music and know a little about the other quests that would be attending with you. Right about now you are probably saying to yourself "I don't care about learning this I am not interested." This is the rub. "Birds of a feather flock together."


The law of attraction states that "I will attract that which I put my focus on." If I focus on sports I will attract sports people. If I focus on music I will attract music people. What if YOU focused on wealth creation? It would stand to reason that YOU would attract wealth to you. YOU must become wealthy in your mind before YOU become wealthy in you pocketbook. I have had many people doubt these words but they are still broke, in fact most Americans are two weeks away from bankruptcy. When you are in the presence of a wealthy person they can tell within two sentences whether you are as serious about wealth as they are and that is important to them.


Below is a quick guide for you to create the law of attraction for your financial future success:

•1.     Spend more time listening to financial growth CDs than you do listening to your favorite radio station.

•2.      Read a new book every month about wealth creation. This will help you use the correct language when communicating with people who are possible mentors.

•3.     Join an investment club and actually attend all of the meetings. What a novel idea!

•4.     Find a mentor and make it easy on him or her to teach you and speak into you life.

•5.     Begin to create a wealth account now! Save a percentage of your income and raise the percentage every month until you are saving at least 10%. This is how you will be able to take advantage of great deals that come into your life.

By following these five easy steps you will become a wealth magnet instead of a wealth repellant.


There is more than enough money to fund your investments but you must become attractive to money. There is no reason why you cannot live with unlimited resource for wealth creation.


Good investing


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Hello Janet & Karissa,

Welcome to Active Rain and congrats on your first post! The opportunities to learn and network are incredible here. Best of luck to you both!


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