Sellers Need Us...

Real Estate Agent with Stutesman's Action Realty

For most people selling their home means cashing that means we as Realtors must handle our clients with great   care especially during the down market.

  •  Know your sellers - ask questions so that you can understand their goals and what they hope to accomplish in this move. Example - How will this move affect you and your family? This is the time to stop and really listen to your clients - you are building a relationship and secondly asking a question that no one else has thought to ask them except YOU.   If you really understand your sellers you are better equipped to answer their questions and market the property effectively.
  • Do Your Homework - before setting a price.  Good Realtors are attuned to nuances in the market that may not be apparent from the comparable sales and listings.  Take your time with your clients explaining their competition in the market...
  • Treat Sellers with Respect - that means being honest even when it does not sound good.  Telling sellers only what they want to hear will not earn you points but most likely costs you money down the road in marketing a property for an inflated price or sellers losing respect for you as the days on the market continue to increase.