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I guess I'm just a bit 'old school'. My wife and daughter's brought me screaming and kicking into the information age. In the mid-90's, I had no idea how powerful that simple little IBM PS2 computer would transform into over the years. I watched both my kid's go to school and come home telling me all the wonderful things they could do on computers. I then saw my oldest daughter's school project that involved Power Point and I was amazed. I HAD to learn this stuff too because it was just so cool.

When I went to get my associates degree in electronics in 2001, I was re-introduced to the amazing world of computers, both in the software and hardware aspects thereof. At just a tick under 40 at the time, I was about the oldest person in my classes. I silently watched 'the kids' surfing the net and picked up each and every trick I could while trying to hide my ignorance of what they were doing. When I went back to get my bachelor's degree in 2006, I was actually on top of the technology. It has come in very handy as it turns out.

Now that I am a full time REALTOR, it has come to my attention that web based logging (BLOGGING???) is now the 'wave of the future'. I am a bit skeptical but, as with the basic computer of the 1990's, I am willing to learn. How can an on-line diary possibly help me to help other people buy and sell real estate? This is something I have got to see.

I have to believe the experts in the field so here I go. Please join me on this journey. If nothing else, it should be good for a laugh or two!!

Tony & Darcy Cannon
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Daniel, welcome!  This is a great place to begin your journey.  I should warn you that it can become addictive!  It is a great place to learn from and share with each other, have fun with it!

Feb 03, 2009 03:47 AM
Bruce Brockmeier
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If nothing else, it should be good for a laugh or two!!

Hey Daniel,

I'm 54, so I'll be laughing with you!  :)  I joined ActiveRain in December.  If I can blog, you can too!

To get you started on the right laugh track, you need to read some Russell Lewis: 

Feb 03, 2009 04:04 AM