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Yesterday, I read a heartfealt blog on Active Rain. I responded to the blog, and admitted she made me cry, when I read about the horribly sad and hopeless situation people are finding themselves in. What I am about to get on the soapbox about is what we can really do help. I know this agent is caring and doing the things that she is able to do with the present "rules and regulations" available to us. But, we need to  consider what the definition of help is. Are we helping a client, when the end result is a short sale ? What are they left with, a credit score that isn't quite as damaged and no home? The real estate community has alot of members, and numbers have power !!! The real help would be to keep this person in their home. The home they have worked so hard to obtain, the home they want their family to stay in. The home they have all their money invested in. The help would be for the property investor that put their saving into an investment, that helped others have a home to rent, and helped homeownera to make more money on a properties that values soared while investors bought them up

There have to be alot of influential real estate offices and agents, that can start to get the banks to give these same short sale deals to the present owners. Someone that can get this idea to people giving  bailouts to banks. Wouldn't it work better, if the homeowner got the money, and they could pay the bank for their loan? Couldn't that be a beginning to a solution? People stay in their homes, banks get paid, the glut of housing on the market stops. We might even get back to normal selling and buying.

Please, anyone that wants to get involved, please contact me. We need to use our numbers to help, not just to to get all the paper work done, to give the house away to the next person, that benifits rfom another persons harship and troubles.



Mike Regan
PompanoBeachAppraisers.net - Pompano Beach, FL

I hate to sound negative, but maybe the best thing for someone who can't afford the payments on there homes, what ever the situation, is to have them rent or buy a home which is in there budget. As home values continue to decline and the market corrects hopefully the market will reach a bottom quickly and homes will be more affordable for those currently having problems.

Feb 03, 2009 10:37 AM
Donna Kalman
Home Contest Inc - Coral Springs, FL

Thanks for the response Mike, but three or four years ago, they probably did but something they could afford. Unfortunatley no one could predict the future and those buyers for the more affordable housing you and I both hope for, will not have money or credit to buy with.

Feb 03, 2009 11:15 AM
franco Battistini
Miami Vacations Corporate Rentals - Miami, FL

Dear Donna, I also own a corporate housing business in South florida for 15 years and if you like we may work together in exchanging ideas. Do you have a list of units that I may view ? I have overflow of clients .. Sincerely - Franco


We have furnished condos in the kendall and south miami area

Nov 03, 2009 12:19 PM