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Healthy Homes Specialist Designations Given


Nancy Keck, owner and Broker-in-Charge of Houser Associates Real Estate in Goldsboro, NC, and Donna Johnson, Broker/real estate instructor, have earned the designation of Healthy Homes Specialist.  They received their training at NCSU in a course sponsored by the National Center for Healthy Housing. 


The National Healthy Homes Training Center and Network is operated by the National Center for Healthy Housing and brings together public health and housing practitioners to promote practical and cost-effective methods for making homes healthier.  It also serves as a forum for exchanging information on new research and best practices.


This course provided the training in the use of the International Property Maintenance Code as an assessment tool to identify potential housing code violations.  Mrs. Keck stated that a properly constructed and maintained home is often the biggest single investment that home purchasers make, and this training is an important step toward insuring that the investment is a sound one.


Should you wish to speak with one of these agents regarding expert advice:  simply contact Houser Associates Real Estate: and ask for a Healthy Home Specialist.



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Calvin Cowles
Cowles Home Inspection Services Inc. - Newnan, GA

This is very interesting! You mention proper construction and "code" violations. Are realtors going to take responsibility for insuring houses meet code? How about unhealthy things like lead, asbestos, Radon and mold? As a code certified home inspector, are you putting me out of a job? 

Feb 03, 2009 06:41 AM


We are absolutely not putting you out of a job!  In fact, this may help generate more business for you.  The Healthy Home Specialist designation is to help pinpoint potential problems for sellers and buyers to SEE a specialist for more help.  We are not the experts, but we know when to ask for them.  We will never be handing out advice where we are not the specialists or have the proper expertise.  It is to educate ourselves to be better, more informed agents on construction and code violations... knowing when to contact the right experts... like you!  This only gives you more business by knowing better when to ask for the right people early in the ballgame.

Thanks for the inquiry!


Nancy Keck, Broker-in-Charge

Feb 03, 2009 09:44 AM
Calvin Cowles
Cowles Home Inspection Services Inc. - Newnan, GA

Qualified professionals working together to share their expertise will only help us serve our clients better!


Feb 03, 2009 09:52 AM