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Quoting the webpage for the Appaloosa Museum,

The Appaloosa Museum is a non-profit organization established in 1975 to collect, preserve, study, and exhibit objects and information that illustrate the history of the Appaloosa horse.

The Appaloosa is a breed of horse  known for its spotted coat pattern and other distinctive physical characteristics. The Nez Perce people of the American Pacific Northwest are credited with developing the breed. They were once referred to by white settlers as the "Palouse horse", possibly after the Palouse River, which ran through the heart of Nez Perce country. Gradually, the name evolved into "Appaloosa".

The Museum has annouced that the State of Idaho will be offerring a license plate to celebrate this uniquesly American breed.  The Appaloosa plate is the first United States license plate to prominently feature a state horse along with the name of the breed, according to their press release.

While Idaho residents have the advantage of displaying their enthusiasm for the breed on their bumper, anyone in the world can purchase a souvenir plate.  Getting asouvenir plate couldn't be easier. Visit, click "DMV," then "Vehicle Services," followed by "Special Plates" and, finally, click on the rotating license plate graphic.

The ApHC receives $20 for each souvenir plate sold; and $25 for each initial registration, $15 for each yearly renewal of the Idaho license plate. These funds are exclusively used for youth education programs, including the Appaloosa Museum and Heritage Center.

It seems a worthy cause.

You can visit the Appaloosa Museum online at or in beautiful Moscow ID at 2720 W Pullman Rd.


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San Diego, CA

I visited there back in 1993 during my midlife crisis while trying to find some place to live other than the Great Nation of Texas. Wound up in San Diego.

Feb 17, 2009 07:15 PM