Some interesting stats...

Education & Training with Agape Long Term Care/Agape Real Estate 590513

3... Number of pages in Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson's origional bailout proposal to Congress (Fortune)

451... Number of pages in signed Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 based on Paulson's proposal (Fortune)

5,531... Average amount, in dollars, being spent annually by half of caregivers helping someone older. (National Alliance for Caregiving/Evercare)

36... Percentage increase in homeowner income during 1996-2006 peroid while utilities rose 43%, mortgage payments 46%, property taxes 66%, and property incurance 84% (Center for Housing Policy)

45... Percentage of 61 year olds expecting to start Social Security when they turn 62, the vast majority in order to pay for basic needs (Fidelity Investments)

Nearly half of Long Term Care Claimants are under age 65 (46%)  Journal of Financial Planning, Feb 2009

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