Designation Week Feb 2009, Green Bay, WI

Real Estate Agent with Cindy Gerke & Associates

Lots of Networking happening here in Green Bay. Not as many participants as we usually have but thoses who are here are truly dedicated to their craft.  Weather is cool the reception is warm and welcoming. I am here to meet new friends and greet my established contacts and friends.  Tomorrow is the first day of the GREEN Class. I am looking forward to debunking the theroy the Green is In, as most are already tired of the phrase - its like get over it already, (at least thats what I told the instuctor "Thats why we have this new desigantion, he said, to remove the fluff of the phrase and get down to the real meaning of Green and its importance in our busienss.

Will give you an update on my green thoughts after class.



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