Executives Accepting Bonuses continued...

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I received a couple great responses to my blog regarding executives of failing companies that have received large bonuses.  I agree with those of you who commented that I would also have a hard time passing up $50 million, but I would like to think that if I was somewhat responsible for employees being laid off that I would "donate" my bonus money back to the organization to either provide those laid off with a better severance package or use my bonus to help the remaining employees keep their jobs.


True Story:

My virtual assistant used to work for Pepsi. Years ago one of the executive received a bonus and his employees did not (she couldn't recall the reason why the employees did not receive a bonus that year). The executive split his bonus between himself and his employees evenly, writing out personal checks to them.  This was a few years back but it shows that not every executive is motivated by money and greed.  There are some executives that truly value their employees.

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