List of Home Preparation Tips for Professional Photography Session and Showings

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boerne real estate photosHow can a home be prepared so that photos can capture the home looking its best?

Preparing a home to show is all about de-personalizing it. Stage your home to appeal to the most amount of people. Simplify the decorations and clear off surfaces of personal belongings. Help others be attracted to the home, not distracted by your stuff.

A photo session of a home is successful when we pay attention to the details of how others will see your home. The goal is to allow others to see the unique architectural features of your home rather than just your furnishings and decorations.

Here is a list of tips I provide realtors to send to their homeowners to help prepare the home before I come for a photography session:



Remove trash cans from sight

Stow children's toys, hoses, tools

Make sure that the lawn is freshly groomed, gardens are weeded and maintained

Put out chair cushions, open patio umbrellas

Place brightly colored flowers by front door

Dog put in dog run or garage

Tip: Do not schedule your photo shoot on trash day, gardener day, cleaning day, etc.



Open all window blinds and curtains

Turn on all lights

Replace burned out bulbs

Tip: Try going up to the highest wattage possible in lamps and fixtures in dark room



De-clutter everywhere!

Clear kitchen and bathroom countertops completely, leaving only a few selected items

Put out best towels hanging neatly

Empty the shower of shampoos and soaps

Remove everything from the outside of the fridge

Hide garbage containers

Remove all signs of pets including pet bed

Remove any tablecloths to make the room look larger and more elegant

Lighten up shelves in bookcases and cabinets to look more spacious, straighten books

Remove stacks of books, magazines, and mail

Take down as many personal photographs as possible

De-clutter fireplace mantel and hearth

Remove most floor rugs to show off floors

Thoroughly clean home to make it sparkle

Put a floral arrangement (real or silk) in as many rooms as possible


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