Climbing Out of a Recession Part 3

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The third and final part of my rant and rave.  How will get get out of this recession? I'll tell you right now its not be waiting on the Federal Government to bail us out.  That's the worst thing.

Now lets bring America out of our recession and run with this idea.  How can we get out of the recession by spending money you ask? When you think about it, the housing market probably keeps more people employeed than any other market.  Realtors like myself are employeed by you, the buyers and sellers.  But you not only employ my services.  Banks depend on you, the government depends on you to buy and sell and workers probably including yourself depend on you to invest in Real Estate some way or another either directly or indirectly.  Here's how...A home is first bought from a builder, who employed workers, these workers buy the tools needed for building the house from the lumber yards to the Lowe's employees all the way down to the manufacturer's of the nails for the house.  Think of all the people this employees.  Take painters for example, Painters are affected, then those employed to make the paint, those who market the paint companies, those in HR who hire the painter making employees, those companies that provide health insurance for paint companies and so on. Are you catching my drift? Guess what, now lets stretch it into the auto industry.   All of those painters probably own cars so now those painters are affecting the auto industry and those that work there to sell the cars, manufacture the cars and manufacture the parts for the cars and dig up the metals for the parts to be made.  Do you see how far this stretches?  No wonder the government created Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac...Real Estate holds our economy together.  Now as you can see, destroy Real Estate with loans sold  to people that can't afford to make the payments and you destroy the economy by causing those people to foreclose on their homes.  Thus as the housing industry slides so do the jobs for those that depend on the housing market and now those who manufactured the paints no longer have jobs and best believe they are cutting the marketing department down.  Now there isn't much reason to insure all of their workers that's just costing more money so there goes insurance and no one can buy cars now because we don't have jobs and those that are fortunate to have jobs aren't real sure if they'll have their job next week. 

So with job insecurity so high, people stop looking to buy a house and now you're looking at more job loss and a progression from a recession into a depression.  If we spend money in America, our jobs become more secure.  Employment or Demand goes back up, people begin buying homes again and now we are on a rise out of a recession. 

Don't wait for the government to bail us out.  Get out there and create business.  Network, and work hard.  We can't afford to wait on the good things to come to us or we'll miss out on the opportunities that wait for us to find them.  I'm 25 years old, I came out of college in debt and continue to be in debt as I work to grow my business of being an indepently contracted Realtor but in the mean time, I have 3 other part time jobs to get by and do what it takes.  I already dedicate 40+ hours a week to my Real Estate Business and the rest go to my other part time jobs.  I will do what it takes to pay my bills but I still go out there and generate leads and work hard for my buyers and sellers.  I also take time to do my part and stimulate the economy.  Once a month I take a weekend for my self and lay aside the business and worries of bills and take a trip.  Maybe to visit a friend or family member or see my girlfriend who doesn't live in the same town as I.  What ever it is, I take time to go out and spend some money because I know others need it as much as I do.  It's tough to pay my bills but I make it and I make do by living modest until I can afford the finer things in life  from working hard now to grow my business for the future.  I encourage all of you to do the same.  It is our America and our Economy.  We have the freedom to make the change.  Be knowledgeable and be smart.  Do your part and help stimulate our economy.

As always, if I can be of any help to those of you with Real Estate needs please never hesitate to contact me.


John Adams

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