Two Things Every Real Estate Investor Must Have

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Confidence, thats what every RE investor must have before they decide to buy. They want to feel good about the property, the market the property is in and a good idea where that market is heading. If their goal is appreciation, then they must feel confident the growth rate is sustainable. If their objective is cash flow, then rental & vacancy rates must not move against them, creating a negative cash flow situation.

The only way to make the investor feel comfortable is to supply them with up-to-date information that backs up statements from you and what they see and hear in the media.

The problem is gathering this information can be very time consuming. You may have a handle on your local market, but what about another city or a market across the country? Not to mention putting together the network required to purchase, close and manage the property purchased.

Thats where Signil InvestorLINX comes in.
InvestorLINX is an online market research and analysis site, updated weekly, that will help you and your clients pick the right cities for your next real estate investments and evaluate the performance of existing holdings.

Immediately access the online tool to sort, rank, analyze and pick from over 90 active metro areas including comprehensive market reports for all 374 MSA's nationwide. You will access national to zip code level mapping and ranking systems to help you make quick, informed decisions:

♦ Find top appreciation & performance areas quickly

♦ Choose locations for maximum cash flow potential

♦ Monitor population & migration movement by state, city & zip code

♦ Research vacancy mapping at zip code levels

Market research is time consuming. Cut your time to mere minutes by accessing the most up-to-date information as you pick the right locations for your next investments.

♦ Monitor lower, median & higher property pricing trends

♦ Inventory & absorption trends

♦ Review executive summaries & market commentaries

♦ Weekly updates & ranking systems

PLUS direct access to local investment professionals to select specific properties, close the chosen properties and select property management companies.

Just call 877.428.3030 x 28 ask for Dan.
I'll be happy to give you a tour of the site to show you how InvestorLINX can be implemented into your business.

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