On the Hall of Fame or Wall of Shame?

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Realtors have a choice, plain and simple.  They know what it right and what is wrong.  There is no sugar coating when a Realtor chooses to do wrong.  They knew what they were doing and did it anyway.  That is the reason that real estate industry professionals are viewed as"used car salesmen", the kind you want to avoid. Some of the antics the Wall of Shamer is guilty of are:

  • Never return phone calls to clients or other real estate professionals.
  • Delay or fail to present an offer received by another Realtor when they have an interested buyer in the property.  Either call later, never call or have someone else call to explain the home is now under contract when you knew it was available when the offer was submitted.
  • Make unflattering comments regarding other Realtors who are being interviewed or considered by the customer while they are being interviewed.  This also applies to misleading comments regarding another professional.
  • Leaving the keybox on the front door of a closed home and not removing, ever.  The selling agent ends up taking measures to remove.
  •  Try to convince buyers at an Open House out looking by themselves that have a Realtor and announce they have a Realtor to use them.  Not respecting the announced relationship.
  • Realtor who sends their clients out by themselves to call listing agents to view a home of interest.  No intention of showing homes but will write up an offer for full buyer agent commission.  Do not assist their client to open the home for any part of the process i.e. inspection, etc.
  • Writes up an offer with unaddressed blanks and poor wording. 
  • Gets emotional when negotiating an offer and the communication is disrespectful to the other agent.
  • Announces at an office meeting the seller is motivated and even airs out the "dirty laundry" such as getting a divorce, etc. where the client has not given permission for such communication. 
  • Implies that the buyer or seller will be willing to accept more or less for the property without permission while negotiating an offer. 

And the list can go on with your personal favorites.  As you noted, many of this list are ethics violations, but again that goes with the poor choices the Hall of Shame member makes. 

On the other hand there are a few in the Hall of Fame that you just clearly know they will always do the right thing.  These are our Blue Ribbon Realtors that is a pure joy to do business with and just is a privilege to know.

 Blue Ribbon Medal Award

A Hall of Famer is respected for:

  • Communication even well before you would expect.  Call to thank you for the offer submitted (no judgment on price) and tell you when they are going to meet with the sellers.  Call after the meeting to let you know that the sellers are considering and when they anticipate a responding to the offer.
  • Returning calls ... need I say more?
  • Present full facts to their clients so the clients can make a proper decision. 
  • Honest to a customer.  If they just do not feel that they can commit to the terms the client wants or price range they wish to position their home, etc. graciously passing on the business with an explanation and leaving the door to revisit should circumstances change.
  • Stays on top of education and changes in the industry.
  • Always willing to lend a moment of time to help a fellow associate with questions or advice.
  • Leader in the office and gives of time to be involved (community, Realtor Association).
  • Recommendations to clients that are for their benefit, not for the agent's convenience or financial gain.
  • Professional by being on time, proper attire, positive attitude. 

Realtors have choices ... to be a self serving or to serve.  To be in the Hall of Fame or Wall of Shame

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Joseph Banske
Cherry Creek Mortgage - Waukesha, WI

valid points made on your post today. Good Agents are hard to find.. it is getting easier as some of the NOT so good agents are getting out of the business!!!!


Feb 04, 2009 08:29 AM
Raine Nordby
Colorado Springs, CO

Well I always want to win the blue ribbon but I know I should always wear my boots 'cause somewhere along the way I'm bound to step in it!

Feb 04, 2009 08:30 AM