Colour Trends for 2009/2010

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This fall I attended the Colour Trends 2009/2010 Event, hosted by General Paint. It was by invitation only for design professionals to give them the inside track on what is absolutely the latest in colour trends that we will be seeing in the next two years.

This next generation of colour trends, reflecting our global outlook and our connection and responsibility to our environment, has been named Inspiring Cultures, and includes four distinct colour palettes.

1. Connected

This palette takes its cue from the front row of the catwalk creating a synergy between fashion and interior design. It uses classic colour in a newer, more urban way, for a clean, upscale look. Matte blacks, dove grays, steel gray and subtle but warm lavender form the core of this group.

2. Emerging

With a nod to global travel this group embraces the variety of cultures and peoples that make up this world. Marigold yellow and apple green mix with tangerine and raspberry. Think of Mexico, Thailand and India.

3. Revitalized

Inspired by nature and the environment, this palette designed to soothe and calm the soul, offers luscious greens, played against cooling blues, and sandy neutrals.

4. Futurist

Not for the faint of heart this group was picked to stimulate and challenge our norms. It is dynamic and will demand attention. Best used for accent areas or as accessories. The hues are clear and bright tones of orange, green, purple, blue, and pink.

To date none of the colours have been named, they are identified only by call numbers and are only available through your design professional. For more information or to schedule your professional colour consultation call 250-729-1411 today and ask to see the new 2010 colour palette! Be the first on your block to showcase your home in colours straight off the runways of Paris and Milan!

By Pam Moreside

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