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The Smithsonian Institution and Missouri Council of the Humanities has made an exhibition available that fits the scene and history of Mansfield. The Laura Ingalls Wilder Home & Museum is working with the Mansfield Community Center to host the Mesuem on Mainstreet exhibition of BETWEEN FENCES, from May 12 through June 23, 2007. The exhibit will be open to the public without charge. 

                                                                                                            bewteen fences

The topic of fences in our country covers tangible and virtual divisions. We are all learning about the need for boundaries that are fair and reasonable.

Because of the rocky and rough terrain of the Ozarks, fences have been made of peculiar materials at times. Rock fences, rail fences, living fences of Osage Orange or multiflora roses, posts of found materials (not so straight branches of trees).

Mansfield is honored to have this exhibit in town. We appreciate the opportunity to view it with our neighbors and to enjoy guests who are able to catch up with the fences.

Fences and their placement can have an impact on real estate ownership and on title information.  As a real estate broker, I have an obligation to the public to make every effort to deliver accurate information about property, property lines and fences if needed.    At Taylor Realty Services, we are ready to work with you to meet your needs.  For more information contact me at or 417-924-3010.


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