Charlotte Real Estate Blog Strategy Training Feb 12

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Charlotte Real Estate Blog Strategy Training Feb 12 

Realtor Training Seminar Thursday 2/12/2009

PDF version of Charlotte Blogging Strategy

The Brokers of Exit Realty in Charlotte North Carolina, John Byers, Suzi Daugherty, and Mike Rash are bringing Key Yessaad again to hold a special training on Real Estate Blogging Strategy Thursday February 12th, 2009.

This training Seminar was designed to enhance the ability of Real Estate Professionals to compete in an ever increasing spirited Internet Landscape...

Real Estate Blogging Strategy - Charlotte North Carolina Thursday February 19th, 2009The Original name of the course was "Google Loves Bloggers," to reveal the fact that if your blog posts are not "Search Engine Indexed" and lead back to you in a natural way then the effort is for not.


The questions a Real Estate Professional should help their clients answer are the following:


"How can I tell that you have expertise in your Real Estate Market?"

"Can I validate you online and "Google You" with Buzz around your Market expertise?"

"Is the information I find online about you fluff or substance?"

Location: Exit Realty South - (Thank you John And Angie Byers)
4401 Barclay Downs Dr, Ste 1, Charlotte, NC 28209 - (704) 376-5153

Date: Tuesday, February 12th, 2009 - 9:30am (please start arriving at 9am)

Duration: 4.5 hours - ample breaks will be offered.

Cost: $45 (please make checks payable to: Key Yessaad and hand them to your broker. I asked them to hold the checks until I have delivered the training.)

My Commitment: To un-shackle you from the fear of the internet and show you what your Buyers, Sellers and Google want... (Don't we all want to make Google happy!!!) I will also give you a methodical plan of action to get you going or tweak what you are currently doing...

Course Description: (please read what follows to understand the intention of the course.)

Real Estate Blogging Strategy Training Session Details:

I designed this Seminar as a Real Estate Strategy for Visibility, Expertise, and Search Engine Ranking. You will learn the following:


  1. What is Blogging? - Very short time spent on this topic because the strategy is more important than the why.
  2. Why should Realtors Blog? Do I really need to do this?
  3. How are successful Real Estate Agents using this medium to position themselves?
  4. Where should I blog? My website right? not really!!!
  5. What should I blog about? And how often?
  6. What if the format of a good blog? At least can you get me started...? Do I have to become a writer? How about links?
  7. What does all this have to do with Google? Is this SEO? (Could you explain SEO briefly for us?)
  8. How much programming should I learn? (Let me give you the answer right here - ZERO!!!)
  9. How expensive is this whole strategy? Think time, perseverance, and elbow grease...
  10. How can my assistant help me with this?
  11. Does this strategy really work? And how fast? Can you show us examples?

I tell your Broker / Owner that I promise not to waste your Realtors' time and will arm them with information they need to compete online... I keep my promises...

Joan Hileman - Exit Realty South "What a fabulous training session!! Knowing that I needed to get on the website "bus" before it got completely out of sight was my motivation to attend your training session here in Charlotte on January 5th. My 2009 motto: New Year and New Strategies for Success. I not only learned valuable information that I will be able to put to use right away ( Can you say Blogging..Where Content is King!) you have excited me about diving in to this heretofore scary place. After your enthusiastic and thorough training, the only people who aren't motivated to get rolling with this are either dead or in a coma. Thank you and I look forward to your next training session here in Charlotte in February." - Joan Hileman.

Nancy Winters - Exit Realty Advantage "Your Web Strategy training was one of the best trainings I've ever taken. I'm so glad I attended. The information was exactly what I've been looking for and your style of teaching is superb. With your sheer enthusiasm and extremely valuable information, I would find it truly impossible for anyone to fall asleep in one of your classes! I look forward to your class on Blogging. Thank you so much!" - Nancy Winters.

Suzi Daugherty - Exit Realty Elite Properties "I loved your Web Strategy class in Charlotte, NC. It was phenomenal!! Your energy and enthusiasm is contagious. Your passion for what you do reveals your ability to teach and empower everyone that attends your classes. I can't wait for the next class!!! Much Success!" - Suzi Davis Daugherty.

Lizette Constance - Exit Premier Realty Key I want to thank you for coming to Charlotte and helping all of us at EXIT Premier. Andy was EXTREMELY impressed and said after so many years in real estate I have never had a class that gave so much knowledge.
As for me well, I think your the VERY BEST. Exit did a GREAT job by having you teach us what we need to learn. I am implimenting everything you gave us in the class. As a matter of fact I am waitting for Jyl to call me back.
You're awesome and I love you. Thanks for everything! You are the BOMB!!!!!
Cant wait to attend another one of your training classes! - Lizette Constance.

Jason Jacques - Exit Mountain Realty "Thank you so much for offering this training on web strategy. It is great to see your passion and enthusiasm. I would recommend any agent that has the time and energy to invest in their web strategy and their business to sign up for the next class available with Key. In fact I would recommend it sooner than later because one day soon Key will figure out the info is near priceless and he might try to charge what it is worth! (Ha Ha) You can pay thousands to the big SEO companies or you take the classes offered by Key and do it yourself." - Jason Jacques.

Training brought to Charlotte North Carolina thanks to your Brokers:

John Byers - Exit Realty South Suzi Daugherty - Exit Realty Elite Properties Mike Rash - Exit Realty Advantage

John Byers
Exit Realty South

Suzi Daugherty
Exit Realty Elite Properties

Mike Rash
Exit Realty Advantage

Real Estate Blogging Strategy - Charlotte NC Thursday Feb 12th, 2009.

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