Going Green:Home staging

Home Stager with Bella Traverse Design

Home Staging is going green just like many other businesses.  Is it possible to fix up your home for sale economically and still use green alternatives?? It sure is!  There are so many options out there for homeowners, and if you know a little about green alternatives, you will see you may already be using some green products.

What is considered green?  Any product that is considered sustainable, ie granite counter tops, glass back splash, etc.  Products that will stand the test of time and not wear out after a few years, in considered a sustainable product.  Low VOC paint is also a common choice.  If your paint has a potent odor, it is considered high VOC.  If there is minimal to no odor-that is a healthy green product.  Ask your local paint professional about the paint you are buying.  It will say on the back of the paint can, what the VOC count is. A VOC is a Volatile Organic Compound, and is very bad for your health.  Other green products are those that can regrow within 8 years and be harvested again, such as bamboo flooring.  Also, any product that is made of recycled material or can be recycled when you are done using it, such as carpet.

For more information about Green Remodeling visit www.usgbc.com and download the ReGreen Guide.

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