Why do you want to buy a home?

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During a political campaign drive a candidate was going door-to-door asking for votes in a very poor part of town.  The homes were mostly one room shacks, some had running water but most did not and the occupants were mostly older single men who herded sheep for a living and drank wine to avert boredom.

The politician asked one of the occupants "Why do you like to live here when you could live in a sheep wagon in the hills year around and save some of your money?"  The man replied "In order to vote you must have a mailing address and if you have a mailing address you have someplace where you can be contacted.  If you can be contacted you are a somebody.  I want to be a somebody, a somebody who can make a difference.  I vote."

Some of life's most pointed lessons can be learned from some of the most unlikely folks you will ever meet or hear about - but those lessons can determine who you are.

Now I also intend to be a "somebody who makes a difference"  How about you?  Can I help you?

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