Conspiracy of the Rich

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In a departure from most highly regarded authors, Robert Kiyosaki, has a new book that he is creating on-line.  You are invited to participate in the development by commenting through links provided in the process.  So far the initial Introduction to the book and Chapter One are available for anyone to read for free.  More chapters will be added over time until the entire twelve chapters, plus the Afterword are finished and posted.

You can read and comment on this project in process at Conspiracy of the

Already there are thousands of posts to just the first two sections of information.  It is, apparently, an active interest area.

Robert has already had enormous success with his books, beginning with Rich Dad, Poor Dad and his many other projects, including seminars, CD's and the like.  He and his wife are also successful real estate investors and entrepreneurs who have chosen to give back by explaining how millionaires think and how they do things differently from the rest of the citizenry.

Check it out.

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