Move In Certified Listing Program

Home Inspector with AIM Home Inspection, Inc.

I realize there is some resistance to pre-listing home inspections. However, when you consider the current market conditions, listing agents may want to consider a "different approach".  As a member of the Inter National Association of Certified Home Inspectors, I have access to their pre-listing program, Move In Certified. We provide flyers for the agents and a great looking yard sign. The program basically involves a full home inspection with a full report. The seller is also asked to disclose any known issues, which is typically part of any listing process. I really believe when buyers see the move-in-ready sign with the inspection report including applicable repair receipts, it will make a very good first impression.

One local agent is offering a "free inspection" when a listing contract is signed. The agent is paying the inspection fee as part of the overall marketing plan.

Please consider this approach to improve your client's chances to sell their home and for you to receive a paycheck!!


John Evans

AIM Home Inspection, Inc.

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