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Why does a Home NOT sell? Seller help is here!

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        YOUR house won't sell!....


....likely price

The number one reason a home does not sell is price.

However, put your "buyer's eyes" on and take a good hard look at a few other considerations first.

Look at CONDITION. Sometimes the upgrades buyers demand are just not in your budget. If your home has older counter tops in the kitchen for example, then you need to play up the benefits your home does offer. Great inspiring tips can easily be seen on HGTV and similar.  If you have a friend who is creative, recruit help! And there are the simple things to consider.  Do you need to clean and deodorize the carpet, paint the walls, clean the cabinetry, re-caulk the kitchen and bath, weed the flower beds? What about the biggie...DE-CLUTTER???  Too much "stuff" can hide the home that you want your potential buyers to visualize when their prized possessions are moved in. Less clutter will also help the promotional internet photos and flyer's. (You are doing good marketing, correct??? That is another topic of concern.) But, let me clearly state that clutter is a real deal killer.

Look at LOCATION. Are you on a busy street or near a commercial area that you are so use to you pay it no mind? Is the neighbor's home in a condition that does not match yours or the remainder of the street? If so, are there ways to buffer it with landscaping or a fence? You can't make it go away in it's entirety-but do your best. Something done may be better than doing nothing. Ask friends and family what they think. If they know you may have a concern, they will be honest. Who knows-maybe they will lend a hand with any work to be completed.

So, now we come back to PRICE. Even if you had everything in order, as if Martha Stewart lived there- nothing will overcome over pricing. If your home was priced correctly for your area, but the above mentioned items needed corrected, it may now give you enough leverage to continue on with marketing your home and contracting quickly. As you have carefully listen to buyer feedback, you will know if you likely corrected the right details. Unrepresented sellers (AKA For Sale by Owners) likely did not have the objective feedback from buyers. Those with Realtors get that update after every showing-or should be if your Realtor of choice is doing their job. Granted, it is not easy to say certain things to sellers, but we are hired to do a job. The job is get to SOLD. 

Look at PRICE. Now is when you will have to consider many things to objectively determine if you are overpriced. You have done all the other details of having the home in true showing condition. Next rethink what updates your home has...and doesn't have. What about those kitchen counter tops from 1986 or the teal tile in the bathroom? From that determination, think about who your target market is . Is it the younger first time buyer? If it is, you have to price to off-set the investment in updates that you did not do... that they will have to. Rethink location. Even with some cosmetic camouflage, as mentioned above-will you need to price to off-set the issues that the family with 2 young kids may consider a problem despite the fact that they love your finished basement rec room? If they hate lack of yard or a busy street-will "money" speak to them. NOW carefully review competitors homes and determine what they are like? Again, but those "buyers eyes " on!  How will your home compare when buyers have the other 29 homes  to tour-and select from? And just what is selling in your area? Because of my years of experience, I could go on from here, but will conclude with this statement: Price and condition sell homes.

As you may be committed to a Realtor already, organize a meeting with them and do an exterior walk around and an interior room by room walk through... and figure out what you can do, that you may not think of on your own.  And carefully go over all the area market data that you should be receiving already on a regular basis.

HOMES ARE SELLING. If you are located in the Stark County, Ohio area and are selling your home (now or soon), let me help you get to SOLD-call me ASAP at 330-936-3480.  Visit my website and view other homes that are currently on the market : www.officialstarkcountyhomes.com                       

-Pam Oster, REALTOR    2/5/09              Let me help you get there!