Reality of Real Estate Opportunity Part 18

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Opportunity          Merrimack Journal       April 2008


Dr. Anthony G Ziagos, Sr.

Opportunity is the key word today in the current real estate environment. For the last 18 months we have been offering our readers knowledge and information on how to help them navigate through the current sea of turmoil.

As a real estate professional I am distressed to see all the negative and misleading information that is circulating in the main stream media. Here are some reality of real estate facts. Qualified buyers can ALWAYS obtain funding to purchase or refinance real estate. People who write offers get to buy real estate. Property that offers good value to a buyer will ALWAYS sell. Market conditions in Arizona and California are not necessarily the same or relevant to what is going on in New England. Of course there are many more reality checks than these, however, a buyer or seller must work with a qualified professional to determine the "circumstance" and only then can they offer solutions that are right for you.

Buyers who are actively seeking real estate opportunities do not see a distressed market, they see an opportunity to purchase property at great prices. Lease rates have dropped in the last year offering tenants an opportunity to save money. Despite the lack of appreciation in the last few years property is still being offered for sale and transactions are closing every day. Over the long run real estate is one of the best investments you can make. Consult with a real estate professional so you can take advantage of opportunities in todays market. ©2008 Middlesex Media Exchange

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