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I took a few days off this week to go diving in the Florida Keys.  I'm repeatedly amazed by the doom and gloom attitude across the country.  The market is GREAT!  It can be a bit frustrating dealing with short sales and foreclosures - but there are buys to be had and buyers who are ready to capatilize on them.  At Champion Realty, we've spent the last several months touting the low interest rates and $7,500 Tax Credit available to first time buyers and personally, I'm finding it's paying off big time!  I'm working with a number of first time homebuyers who, this time last year couldn't dream of purchasing the homes they're looking at today.  We just need to keep in mind that the market is cylical - is there anyone who believed that the sellers market we were experiencing a few years back would really last?   Personally, I'm saddled up and ready for what I believe may be the best year of my career!    Jump in!  It's great!


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