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Has anyone out there gotten to the place that you are sick of hearing about the Stimulus Package?  It is my personal opinion for the government to just leave our economy alone for awhile and see if it will straighten it's self out on it's own. Watching these people on Cspan bicker and try to out wit each other is a drag on my outlook everyday. The free markets have always deleted the businesses that were no longer viable and raised the ones that the market likes. It is just the strongest survive instead of keeping the ones they pick and choose. For once I just wish the government would take a hike, vacation to nowhere and leave the economy to us "the consumers".  If the Big 3 don't survive, don't think some entrepreneur will not open one that the market will like.  Let the Dead Dogs Die!


Trying for fix anything is better than doing nothing.  Maybe they won't get it right, but I am glad they are trying.  I think the problem is too complex to just fix itself.

Feb 21, 2009 05:14 AM