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My friend, Nansen, has over 23,000 followers on Twitter... that number seems to grow exponentially every day!  She started her tweets only months ago.  Nansen lives in a small town on the coast of Washington State and is an active Republican.  She was seen and twittered away at the Republican meeting in Washington DC this past month.  Not only that, but she is very active in her community and in the county from the Fish Hatchery to the plantings along the road.  And, she know "everyone!" But, 23000 followers!  Soon that number will double!  They come from all over the country and not only follow her but reply whenever she has a question, opinion or a problem.  She shook up some people at Ford when her new car broke down!

My son, Colin, has over 900 friends on Facebook.  That number climbs daily.  He isn't that active in that he doesn't post notes or photos every other day.  But, he meets friends all over the country and they follow what he is up to as a friend on Facebook.

One of my instrucors teaching clockhours, Ron, has over 116 connections on Linked In.  He has connected with past clients and even famous sports stars.  And, he is an Alumni of the College where my son is the Director of Ticket sales.  I matched them up when I spotted that on Facebook.

Another one of my instructors, Rich, is a blogger on Active Rain.  He writes short notes in his blog pretty regularly. In addition, he has a great profile with a photo and contact information.

I get email all the time from people that find me on active rain.  They can include agents that need continuing education and far away relatives.

I am writing a real estate class on Social networking for clockhours.  Do you have  great story of a connection yo have made?  Do you blog? What do you write about?  Do you want to blog?  Do you facebook?  How do you keep personal and business separate?... or do you?  (I am currently intermingling personal and work.. but I need to separate them)  Do you tweet? Are you linked?  Do you have a profile on the internet.  What comes up in the first three searches when you google youself. 

Contact me at my clockhours website or through active rain!  Find me on twitter.. clockhours..Love to hear from you...  Natalie, Professional Direction


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