Green Class, day 2

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A better Day - I still believe that we have to take in account the cost to the environmentalfor the attempt to save the environment. Sounds confusing, but think about this = if you recycle a item - how is the environment affected by the RE manfacturing process of an item. Do your research, just because you recycle something you must make sure the process is harming the earth the second time around.

Better is re adapt the initial manufacturing of the item itself.

The class work book was NOT printed on recycled paper. It the class "didn't walk the talk". 

Lets be more environmental aware, environmental conscience, environmentally responsible.  I implore you to do due diligence before promoting your earth saving project - make sure it really is helping.

It's important - I THINK I will follow up with the elective class.  I do think that the NRA jump ahead without pulling together a strong course.


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Robert Menchaca
Prudential California Realty - Tulare, CA

I agree with your blog!  good one!

Feb 08, 2009 12:39 PM