THE VIDEO CLOSING IS HERE!** (In North Carolina)

Services for Real Estate Pros with Brady & Kosofsky, PA

SO WHAT DID YOU DO DURING THE SLOW MONTHS OF OCTOBER-NOVEMBER??? We were slow, but we were working hard on perfecting our technology to allow us perform a closing virtually anywhere in the world, where the borrower has access to a computer.

In the State of North Carolina, the laws allow attorneys to perform closings via telephone or through the mail. Unfortunately this method results in improperly executed documents and unanswered questions. We are happy to announce that now we can do a "remote" closing where the attorney (me) can sit right at the table via computer, answer questions, point things out on the documents, and interact with with the client as if I am physically sitting across the table from the borrower.

In addition to our video closing capabilities, we also are able to provide electronic access to our files for the parties of the closing....


Give me a ring at (704) 841 6308 for a demonstration and let me show you what I did last winter!

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