"You Must Be Willing to Participate in Your Own Rescue!!!"

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"You Must Be Willing to
Participate in Your Own Rescue!"

I don't know where I heard this. But it resonated with me. You know...I got it instantly! I've repeated this many times since. Some get it. Some don't. And some resent it -- usually, those are the same individuals that are part of the problem.

If you're just standing around waiting for your own financial rescue to fall from the sky and hit you in the head...I'm sorry you just don't deserve to be rescued! At least move to the line for free bread and cheese.

I can't say I'm unhappy about certain real estate and mortgage business friendly parts of the latest Stimulous Package our Washington DC leadership and lobbyists have put together (down payment assistance, tax credits...). I will gladly participate in my own rescue and help many others with theirs. I will take action. I will get the word out. I will partner with like minded Realtors and Builders to passionately promote home ownership. It's still the American Dream...right?

I will even have patience and attempt to save those individuals standing around waiting for someone to magically fix their credit or find a home at 10 cents on the dollar and finance it at 4%.

I love to help others achieve and enjoy all the great benefits of home ownership. I especially love helping first time home buyers in my area of Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland. I'ts very rewarding helping repair their credit, boost their FICOs, and buy a home with good old fashioned -- back to basics FHA, VA, and Conventional lending.

Now...WHO'S WITH ME??? Housing has always lead this country out of economic misery.


It IS possible, right?




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Edward D. Nikles
Ed Nikles Custom Builder , Inc. / Nikles Realty , Inc. - Milford, PA

I agree , but far too many want someone else to bail them out ! I don't mind the $15,000.00 proposed tax credit - but everytime I borrowed something I always paid it back ! So many people think by gov't giving them something ($) they now have the answer to all there problems ! I hope their right ! Maybe if they don't pay it back they can pay it forward ! Keepin' it Green !

Feb 09, 2009 02:53 PM