Fresh Spring Ideas for your Home-Think Spring!

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Spring is coming-have faith!

The winter thaw is here and even with the risk of a little more snow or ice, the worse should be behind us. 

With Valentines Day approaching this weekend, thoughts of love is in the air- and also SPRING FEVER. Some of us head south for a little touch of warm weather and get inspired to get the warm weather wardrobe ready when we return. Others do the home wardrobe change.

The best way to welcome the season change is do a little home decor change. Add some fresh spring colors to your home. Go meek or wild.  Done right, it will wear well right into the end of summer. Subtle changes are all you need. Fresh colors do not have to mean bright colors, either. And it can be done on a budget! No need to hire a personal decorator. And if you need that guidance, take an afternoon off (even a Sunday afternoon) and turn on HGTV or similar. It is not hard to find inspiration. Even an afternoon at Border's Books can add just enough super power to your confidence to try something different. There is so much potential for change, in every home. READ ON....



One of the easiest and fun season alterations is your window treatments. Retailers have so many design/print/color options available;many by famous designers at discount prices. Martha Stewart and Rachael Ashwell are just a few of my favorites. Retail competition has brought prices down to a range that you can afford to rotate your purchase selections every 6 months. Lightweight fabrics allow a easy breezy warm weather feel. Have some fabric laying around? A no-sew iron on tape hem and use of clip-style curtain rings over rods are an easy project, too. Lampshades do well with a seasonal face lift as well.

Slipcovers are another great idea. Have 2 sets on hand. Pet owners like myself, have washable slipcovers as part of the plan already! The convenience of change is great for decor and also keeping the furniture fresh and clean through out the year. The best thing I ever did was purchase furniture with slipcovers. My splurge was to buy trendy yet practical furniture from Arhaus. The slipcovers were on my "must" list. Previous to that, I bought after-market slipcovers to best fit my old furniture. They have improved greatly through the years, I have noticed. Add a shabby chic summer print for the upcoming season. If none of this is possible-just change out your pillows or pillow covers. A great option is to get vintage fabric from the Goodwill or similar (old curtains perhaps) and create new pillow covers. You might even be surprised who you know that sews and will offer a hand. It is a great "girls night" project. A friend of mine often brings wicker furniture into the home during the summer months-a terrific idea that matches her bungalow style. With adorable fabric cushions, it adds so much charm to the living room.

Accessories are the cheap and quick change bonus. This can be the fun part, as anyone can manage this detail- often without leaving the home. We all have things around the house that we forget about. And some things can be reinvented. What unique things do you have that can be turned into a flower vase or a potted plant holder? Nothing says spring like fresh flowers and greenery. I once turned an old clear glass ceiling light globe into a vase of roses. It had a decorative cut glass design. I trimmed the roses to a short stem length and it was stunning. Rug changes are also a great consideration as the warm weather months approach. Move to less use of them, perhaps. Or if required in your home, go to a more natural texture/material or softer color. Don't forget about the candles, either. Put away the evergreen candles till next season. You likely have something tucked away for use now. If not, there are so many great fresh ideas in candles at all retail stores. The Dollar Stores can be a great source. I once purchased a candle that was from the Hallmark Store originally.

Slightly more ambitious? Paint is the answer. Talk about a room attitude adjustment! The nice thing about paint is it is cheap enough that you can have major impact on a budget. Maybe even have an accent piece of painted furniture stored for seasonal change. Thrift stores and similar offer the perfect opportunity to do that on limited funds. Painting just one wall an eye-catching color is a fast and effective way to create a focal point that will allow you to retain the color already on the other walls. Most colors have great contrasting color selections to chose from. Get a paint chart and get to work. Now that the paint detail has been done or passed on-look at your wall art. Alternate prints to reflect the seasons or your color changes. This is a great opportunity to really have some fun. Take your family out for the day and bring the digital camera. Take some photos that can be turned into art work. Many photoshop program can even take your photos to the next level. Quality photo frames in large sizes, are easy to find on sale and many photo developers offer poster size specials for under $30.


Do not be paralyzed by your decorating fears. Once you start with a simple project, you'll be keep going-I promise. It is fun and you are the director of this production, so do not take it too seriously. This is your home and should be a reflection of your tastes and personality. If you get started now, before you know it it will be 68 and sunny. Then you can get to work on your sitting porch or special garden spot. Make sure you set up at least a small little outdoor spot for enjoying time just for you-you deserve it. Outdoor living spaces are in fashion, especially as we spend more time at home in this economy.

You will be so pleased with your work, I will bet you will proudly invite friends and family into your home again.   

And if you are close to listing your home for sale, de-clutter and make these seasonal changes to make your home a "wow" to potential buyers, in the busy spring selling season. Enjoy!


-Pam Oster, DeHOFF REALTOR , serving sellers & buyers in Stark County, Ohio