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www.FlaglerHomeAuctions.com is a new and innovative online real estate auction network that auctions properties in Flagler County, Florida including Palm Coast, Flagler Beach, Bunnell and the Hammock.  It is a fully cooperative Auction Network that benefits the entire real estate community, including Buyers, Sellers, Realtors, and related industries such as Banks, Mortage Brokers, Title Companies, Appraisers, and Home Inspectors.

FlaglerHomeAuctions.com is EASY and works similar to eBay, but for local Real Estate!

In this blog, we will outline the benefits for Realtors.


1. Ever Wanted to Run a Real Estate Auction?  Now You Can Easily and FREE! - FlaglerHomeAuctions.com puts Realtors in the driver seat of running their own online real estate auctions for their sellers.  Other Auction methods require a great deal of resources, including money, time, and highly specialized expertise.  FlaglerHomeAuctions.com has adapted to market conditions and bridges the gap for Realtors to easily combine traditional real estate practice with the demand for online real estate auctions to get motivated properties sold.

2. FlaglerHomeAuctions.com is Cooperative & Protective! - FlaglerHomeAuctions.com cooperates and protects the professional real estate community.  ALL Properties must be professionally represented; No For-Sale-By-Owner Listings are allowed. 

3. Earn & Keep Your Full Commission! - In addition, FlaglerHomeAuctions.com does not take ANY of Realtors' commission side. Realtors earn their FULL commission side the same as a traditional deal.  Further, since FlaglerHomeAuctions.com truly is cooperative in spirit, there is a mutual protection period for 6 months!

4. Sell Your Motivated Listings in 15-30 Days! - Auctions held on FlaglerHomeAuctions.com are set for either 15 or 30 Days, and are automatically renewable if not sold.  Online Auctions are fast, efficient, effective, and transparent.  Auctions have a known "end date".  Listing Realtors simply need to sign up, and get their motivated properties submitted for auction, all done online!

5. Get Your Buyers Registered With You! - Assist your Buyers with registering, bidding, and purchasing on FlaglerHomeAuctions.com (make sure they indicate you as their Realtor!), and you will be protected for 6 months to the maximum extent within our control (which is renewable if you continue actively representing the customer).  Get them registered with you today before they register without you!

6. Haven't Had Any Offers Yet?  Auctions Draw the Market to Speak! - Auctions "force the market to speak" the value of a property in a challenging market.  Rather than sitting on the market with no showings, no offers, no contracts, and no sale, FlaglerHomeAuctions.com provides a centralized online real estate auction marketplace.

7. Auctions Can Create a Competitive Frenzy! - The appeal of "Naming One's Price" and "Getting a Deal" creates Buyer competition.

8. See All Bids in Real Time! - Only Online Auctions can provide complete market transparency REAL TIME as bids come in.  You can see how many other bids have been made, how much they are, and whether the reserve has been met (if applicable).  By seeing all bids real time, Realtors and their customers are kept in the loop IMMEDIATELY as activity takes place.

9. Auctions Instill a Sense of Urgency! - Buyers can NOT take a "Wait & See" approach, as many do in this market.  It's Now or Never!

10. Have Customers Facing Foreclosure or Just Need to Sell Fast? - Sell to the highest bidder faster than traditional methods.  This may give your customer the additional time needed to avoid foreclosure or negotiate a short sale.

11. Auctions Mean Better Deals, NOT Fire Sales! - Though bidders do expect a better deal than the MLS, Auctions are NOT synonymous with "Fire Sales".  The mission of FlaglerHomeAuctions.com is to bring balance to the market by providing solutions for motivated sellers to sell quickly and buyers to find a better deal.

12. Low Deposit Requirement - Only 3% is required at Auction Close.  Most Auction Companies require a minimum of $5,000-$25,000 simply to bid, and may require a 10% deposit up front upon winning the auction!  We strive to make it affordable and easy to purchase on FlaglerHomeAuctions.com, and with similar flexibility as a normal purchase.  THIS MAKES IT MORE ATTRACTIVE FOR BUYERS.

13. FREE Home Warranty Included for Buyers! - Sincer all properties are sold "As-Is", a FREE Home Warranty is included with every home purchase over $100,000 (subject to terms & conditions) to give Buyers added comfort in their purchase.  Currently the Home Warranty is offered through First American, a national and reputable home warranty provider.  AGAIN, THIS MAKES IT MUCH MORE ATTRACTIVE FOR BUYERS.

14. Bidding is FREE! - Bidding is not only easy, but it's FREE.  There is a one-time $1 verification fee via PayPal when bidders create their account for identification purposes, and all bidding is FREE without having to provide a large certified check on deposit in advance.  ONCE AGAIN, WE MAKE IT VERY EASY TO ATTRACT MORE BUYERS.

15. No Additional Cost to Sellers! - Sellers pay their normal listing commission when auctioning property on FlaglerHomeAuctions.com.  There is a minimal 1% Auction Closing Fee (also known as a Buyer Premium), paid by Buyers.

16. Sellers Protected By Reserve Price! - Sellers always have the provision for a silent Reserve Price as a "safety net".  If the Reserve is not met, the Seller still has an option to provide a "Second Chance" reverse offer to the Bidder, but is not obligated to sell.

17. How Realtors Can Help Bring the Market Back Sooner! - By helping motivated sellers get their property sold quickly, Realtors can work together to help bring the market back faster.

18. Full FlaglerChat.com / PalmCoast.biz Integration! - Only FlaglerHomeAuctions.com is fully integrated with the 2 most widely used local websites, FlaglerChat.com and PalmCoast.biz, which have well over 12,000 registered users for local Flagler County traffic.  No other service can provide this level of local online exposure.

19. National Association of Realtors (NAR) Recognizes & Supports Growing Auction Trend! - The National Association of Realtors has recognized the increasing growth of real estate auctions as a viable means for "breaking the stalemate" and getting properties sold in a challenging market.

20. FlaglerHomeAuctions.com Combines the Power of Online Auctions with Local Expertise! - No other local company can provide the same power of online auctions and unique marketing, and national auction companies do not have the local expertise needed to ensure full value is attained for sellers.  FlaglerHomeAuctions.com uniquely provides both Online Auctions and Local Expertise through the entire real estate community in a fully cooperative model.

21. Are Your Really FULL Service in This Market? - Stand out and easily add Auctions to your portfolio of services for your motivated customers.  In this market, providing "Out of the Box" solutions is not optional, it's necessary.

22. List & Sell More Homes! - List and Sell more property by offering this solution!  Open Doors to Listing FSBO's and Expired Listings.

23. Move It Before You Lose It (the Listing)! - Get your motivated listings sold BEFORE the listing expires and you lose it to another Broker that DOES provide our Auction service.  Offer Auctions to your Sellers at the BEGINNING of the listing period rather than the end.

24. IT IS FREE!!! - Register for $1, and run all your own real estate auctions for FREE!  Need we say more?

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FlaglerHomeAuctions.com Logo


FlaglerHomeAuctions.com is a cooperative Real Estate Auction Network.   Real Estate Services provided by Resident Real Estate Network and Cooperating Real Estate Brokers/Agents.

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