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The Meaning of Happiness and Stimulus

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As I sit at my computer, flipping between real estate work and the CNN site, I have many other thoughts in my cluttered brain. I am not alone in having the economy foremost on my mind. Those of us in the Housing Industry wait impatiently as we check our favorite news media to get updates on the current stimulus status. The industry I am proudly apart of, has much on the line. All Americans do, of course. For my fellow Realtors and I-we are homeowners and real estate business owners. We live the American Dream and we help others live the American Dream of Home ownership. We strongly believe that what we have lobbied for is needed, as nothing else seems to make sense, given the current problem with the U.S. economy.

So in my easily distracted brain fog, I goggled Stimulus. This is one of the items that came up.  Wikipedia's site link says:      Stimulus may refer to: Stimulus (physiology), something external that influences an activity; Stimulus (psychology), a concept in behaviorism; Input to a system in other fields; Economic stimuli, incentives and fiscal policy

Another link from Wikipedia says:     In physiology, a stimulus (plural stimuli) is a detectable change in the internal or external environment. When a stimulus is applied to a sensory receptor, it elicits or influences a reflex via stimulus transduction. A stimulus is often the first component of a homeostatic control system.

Easily distracted, after checking CNN's web site once again and no new updates- I moved over to Oprah's web site. Make fun of her if you will, but the most influential folks are drawn to her media power and spiritual influence, and she has some of the best guests at times. When it is a topic I find of interest, I often really enjoy her show. While Tom Cruise made me so happy years ago, I can't say I enjoy watching him jump on Oprah's couch and my youthful theory of years ago still stands-"Tom just sit there and look pretty". I think he lost me on that couch, perhaps. Even if you do not watch Oprah, the spoof of Tom jumping for joy over Katie Holmes has been replayed many times. I think perhaps Tom has become a carachture of himself. But he is not the first man to disappoint me. Thank heaven, I still have my humor in tack on this tense business day in American history.

In January 2009, I watched an Oprah show that I was extremely drawn into, and the guests were unbelievable. I was inspired as the timing was perfect. It was the start of the New Year and "Change". So, then as today, I think about our new President , America's opportunity for moving forward, my only child starting her new life as a Kent freshman and where am I in all this both personally and professionally. I went to Oprah to get inspired. I needed some personal stimulus! The richest woman in America can be all bad...or wrong. I can't say that I can tell you much about what her current home page speaks of today or what today's 4:00 show will be about... but I did quickly see information (a recap) from a gentleman who was on that inspiring show last month. I believe the topic was about taking control of your Happiness. Happiness was most definitely the topic at hand within her Best Life Series for '09. The guest was Rabbi Shmuley. The show had several spiritual and religious leaders on it, however it was more about spirituality than religion.

I read on and remember that show....

One of the Rabbi's quotes was: "Happiness can never be a goal in life-it is the natural byproduct of a life full of purpose and meaning." The Rabbi went on to say...Stop focusing on your happiness. Focus instead on whether your life is full, rewarding and meaningful. Other key points include:

Surround yourself with a structure of selflessness. Find joy in a life of service, he says. "Giving your love to people and focusing on others will naturally bring happiness into your life" ..."Foster creativity, promote teamwork and mentor others-rewards and promotions will come along in due time."

Bring spirituality into your daily life. Try meditating, attending church or praying. Spirituality doesn't always have to do with religion, he says.

Spend more time "being" than "doing." "A great way to do this is spending time with your kids playing and goofing around and just enjoying spending time together."

Laugh at yourself a little."Try not to be critical of yourself, and celebrate your everyday successes," Rabbi Shmuley says.

You know I just had to know what Wikipedia says, so in a flash here it was:    Happiness is a state of mind or feeling such as contentment, satisfaction, pleasure, or joy. [1] A variety of philosophical, religious, psychological and biological approaches have been taken to defining happiness and identifying its sources. Philosophers and religious thinkers have often defined happiness in terms of living a good life, or flourishing, rather than simply as an emotion. Happiness in this older sense was used to translate the Greek Eudaimonia, and is still used in virtue ethics. 


I will now take time to meditate on this all- a break in my day. Perhaps it is only me that sees a connect-the- dots pattern between the two terms of stimulus and happiness as we move forward into 2009. How are they different and also alike, in meaning??  "Change" is in the air- I feel it!

We all need to take a step back.... see where we have been and were we are going.... and what is important to us, what we want for our families, and how we can be a positive force in our workplace and our community. 

    Pam Oster, DeHOFF REALTOR

                                                                                                         Have your best day!! 2/10/09