Post Fed Market Update in Hawaii

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Bye Bush Hello Change...

Well, I give our new President a lot of credit for taking this enormous Trillion dollar economic comittment on. At least the days of blaming Bush for everything will be over. We are the United States of America and are sure acting like a divided country.

One steady aspect of America is our committed and selfless military force. Amen.

As temporary as it may be, this Refinance Boom has been a blessing for many. Today I saved a soldier $300 per month by simply refinancing his Ewa Beach condo with a Streamline VA Refinance. Now when he is transferred after his 3 year stay on the Hawaiian Islands he will be able to rent his property out and break even on his payment. Exit strategy is the best sales angle these days. Another borrower that closed this week was able to pay off debt and lower her total monthly housing payments over $550 per month as well.

On the flip side, due to tightened regulations (tightened in the wrong areas) many are not able to take advantage of todays low interest rate environment. For example, I visit numerous Real esate agents who wish and pray that they could refinance their properties, but their loans have a snowballs chance in hell of getting approved due to their self-employment status and their soft sales income . I am working with a Major who has significant income, adequate assets but low equity. The original Loan Officer sank him into an 80/20 loan and values have moved laterally. Ideally we would like to get him into a VA loan but the guidelines require 10% equity in order for the switch from Conventional to VA to happen. We can't get the Conventional loan because PMI companies have restriced Insurance on properties with < 75% owner occupancy.

Today I had Wells Fargo deny a 20% down purchase loan for my client, a well qualified nuclear engineer, due to the owner occupancy of the building being less than 75% a new Fannie guideline. I can understand that the PMI companies require a 50% owner occupancy but 75% with 20% down!? How is the housing problem going to be fixed if lending on condos is not possible?

Lenders are taking 30 days to process refinances and about 10 days for purchases. I have three banks that have been able to get a loan approved in 48 hours recently but it did take some constant pressure on my account executives.

Look for rates to flirt with 4.5% again, and when they do be sure to call me to have me lock your loan! Do not let greed let you wait too long. Inflation is bound to rear its ugly head again.

Peace be with you...

A Hui Hou




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