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Mortgage and Lending with John Tuggle, Senior Mortgage Loan Originator, Envoy Mortgage, Ltd. NMLS# 211187

Please see my website at  .  At the website you can find all kinds of useful information about me, the mortgage products I offer, current news that affect Real Estate proffesionals and consumers alike.  I also have set up and am building a "Realtor's I Trust" page in order to direct those that with the best service available to them in the East Alabama, West Georgia Real Estate Markets.  Also on the site you can find an application page that ask all the questions I would need answered to pre-qualify and / or pre approve for a mortgage.

You really do have the FREEDOM to choose the best financing for your home purchase.  Also, for Real Estate Proffessionals please remember my motto:  I work when Realtors work; nights and weekends!


John Tuggle,

Senior Lending Officer

Freedom Mortgage Corporation

706 315-2365


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