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Falling in Love With Chattanooga

Real Estate Sales Representative with Keller Williams Realty
WOW!!! Hard to believe that we’re already into our second month of 2009. I feel like I just took down the Christmas Tree and vacuumed up the New Year’s confetti. Now, here I am planning Valentine’s Day Festivities. Where does the time go? It’s unfortunate that sometimes all we hear about are the woes and pitfalls of the nation’s economy, the turmoil in the market, the foreclosure rate, and job loss. So, this month, in honor of VALENTINE’S DAY, I want you to fall in LOVE with your city again. Take a minute to stop and think about all Chattanooga has to offer. We are a city rich in diversity, culture, arts, beautiful mountains and rivers, and good old Southern Hospitality. Every time I look around, there’s something new to see and do in the city. I’d like to invite you to check out Chattanooga this month. We all have busy schedules. Trust me, I know. However, when’s the last time you took a minute to really appreciate all the “adventures” you can have or the places you can dine…the possibilities are endless. I’m amazed when I look around Downtown and think back on how Chattanooga looked to me as a child. So, as your “Homegrown, Hometown” Realtor, I’d like to invite you to see Chattanooga through “admiring eyes”. I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to not only live and work here, but to raise my child here. So, here’s hoping that you fall in LOVE with Chattanooga all over again.