Coaching and Competition

Real Estate Sales Representative with Keller Williams Consultants Realty

As a productivity coach at Keller Williams Consultants Realty, I have learned so much. Each day seems to present a new challenge for my productivity warriors.  My warriors are a unique and wonderful group of individual real estate agents who desire to take their productivity to the next level. Although I meet with them individually each week, they also have opportunities to meet as a group. At the beginning of the year we initiated a three month long competition. 

One group is named the Shifters (a different slant on Gary Keller's book, Shift) and the other group is named the Producers. Each week the warriors utilize a number of possible activities to earn points for their team.  Such things as holding open houses, making calls, writing notes, previewing homes, door knocking, etc. provide points toward the competition.  Every Friday the team members turn in their points.  I list the results on my office door for all to see.  At the end of each month a sponsor provides a free meal to the team with the highest points and gifts for the individual who accrues the most total amount of individual points.

So far we have had a great time and the methods for earning points are setting each one of the team members up for success as a result of their efforts.

Although I prefer cooperation over competition, this method has actually provided a forum for the team members to help one another accomplish their individual as well as group goals.  In the right setting and with the right attitude, competition can be a rewarding thing!

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