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Feng Shui- it is all about the "where"

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              The Temple of Heaven in Beijing,
        built in 1420, has no straight
            lines - a Feng Shui characteristic


I am a REALTOR in Canton, Ohio not Canton, China- so I need some help. I would love to learn more about FENG SHUI. I have read about it many times, and often participated in discussions about it. As a REALTOR who works with New Construction, I have had clients who built with Feng Shui in mind. My recent open house allowed me to discuss it with someone who knows much more than me. It has renewed my interest in learning much more. The potential open house buyer was Asian and "the where" was important to him. It would allow a home purchase consideration or deem it unsuitable- and forgotten. That is pretty powerful! Apparently the art of placement is crucial. The front door had to face and open in a certain direction. This lovely Jackson Township home had it all wrong.

A few weeks later, I looked through some old notebooks.  I had made notes on the topic of Feng Shui; likely from a Sunday afternoon at Border's Books. My daughter and I spend countless hours there when she was school age. I am sure my notes are the "for dummies" version, as I was overwhelmed with the fascinating information. I still am. This may be a wise new way to explore 2009 and beyond;both as a homeowner and a real estate professional.

Here is what I learned previously:

The basic tools of feng shui (at a very elementary level, I am sure), is : COLOR, SOUND, LIGHTING, ART, GROWING, WATER FEATURES, WIND-SENSITIVE OBJECTS, MIRRORS & CRYSTALS. A few additional comments I wrote are that COLOR adds emotional, physiological and cultural content. LIGHTING, including Fireplaces and garden lighting, brings more life energy into the environment. MIRRORS and CRYSTALS circulate energy.

My notes made further mention of color. For Red, I wrote the meaning was attraction,warmth and strength. Perhaps that is why so many of our favorite Asian restaurants have red in the decor. Green reflects health and potential.

At it's most fundamental, most of us have read that in order to achieve harmony, five elements are important. They are- water, wood, fire, earth and metal. They can determine the balance and equilibrium within your home. I have so many notes on those elements individually.  Yin and Yang are other terms we have often heard. I encourage you to learn more by doing your own research.  

Make it your best year!  I would love to have you share with me what you know about this topic.

-Pam Oster, DeHOFF REALTORserving Canton,Ohio and surrounding Stark County,Ohio  2/11/09

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